Tech moves at speed – especially for TVs. So what you might think is new technology, such as curved screens, edge-lit LED, or 3D TV, might be standard for any new TV – it may even be obsolete. So when you’re looking to buy a high-end TV that will give you everything you need for the best viewing experience, here are 5 things to look out for.

Screen Resolution

A screen resolution of standard HD or Full HD isn’t classed as high-end anymore. Ultra HD or 4K will give you far superior picture quality and pinpoint accuracy, especially on bigger screens. But hold off from buying an 8K TV. They’re expensive and there’s little to no 8K content available, so it’s not worth the investment – yet.

Refresh Rate

Look out for the TVs refresh rate which is measured and displayed in Hertz (Hz). A standard refresh rate is 60Hz meaning the picture is refreshed 60 times per second. This is the best TV rate for gaming, but for fast-moving sports or movies, 60Hz can still make things look blurry. For superior viewing, look at 120Hz or more for a seamless experience.

HDMI Connectivity

HDMI ports are standard on most TVs, but you might see fewer of them now. With many peripheral devices being paired with the TV wirelessly, any ports you do have can quickly be taken up so look for a model that has as many as possible. Many high-end TVs should come with HDMI 2.1 ports to give your 4K TV an improved variable refresh rate (VRR) for external sources including games consoles.

HDR Colour

We all want great colour on our TV, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) colour goes hand in hand with 4K screen resolutions. HDR allows you to see clarity in the whitest whites and the blackest blacks while producing the brightest colours so you see the most realistic on-screen colour. Look out for names like Dolby Vision and HDR10.


On any high-end TV, LED and OLED models give you the best overall picture quality. Backlit LED TVs feature active (or local) dimming to give good contrast and high brightness levels even in the brightest of rooms. But OLED TVs have no backlight and instead use individually powered pixels to give exceptional detail in dark or black areas. And not being backlit means OLED TVs are slimmer too.

TV Extras

These are just 5 things to look for when you’re thinking about spending a little more on a new high-end TV. But there are a few extras to consider too. While most new TVs are smart so you can stream content on-demand, high-end TVs are generally smarter, giving you more, and better features. 

And many mid-range TVs will benefit from a soundbar for premium audio, but high-end TVs already feature incredible in-built speakers or can even be used as part of a larger surround sound system for a fully immersive sound.

Make the right choice with PAS

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