Communal Systems & Maintenance Services

PAS provide specialist commercial installations, we have years of experience which means we can design and build full entertainment systems for projects of any size and complexity.
We only use the highest quality of equipment, are fully insured, specialist heights trained and approved installers by the RDI and the CAI.

Our Integrated Reception systems (IRS) are designed to fit seamlessly with your specifications and work effectively ensuring fantastic reception throughout the whole building doing away with unattractive clusters of dishes or aerials.
Services included:

IRS (Integrated Reception Systems)
An advanced communal system often used by businesses wanting to stay ahead of the competition. This system will allow you to stay one step ahead of your competitors by providing not only freeview services but satellite (subscription & non-subscription), FM & DAB enabling you to offer a greater entertainment choice.

MATV (Master Antenna TV)
MATV is a good economic solution for a commercial system. It will distribute TV and FM signals to several receivers. It is a popular choice for hotels, schools and other multi-unit dwellings.

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV)
Again, a more economical choice to the IRS system, widely used in hotels and B&B’s. The purpose of SMATV is for supplying and controlling the number and type of channels to multiple televisions.

Fibre Optic IRS
Generally more cost effective than IRS systems, they perform best where long, extra-long or large systems are involved this is because more information can be transmitted over fibre cable. It also reduces the amount of cables required for each property.

Fibre optics beat its copper counterpart in many ways. It’s capable of transmitting a clearer signal over a greater distance. It’s thinner, so more cost effective. And it gives enhanced quality and uses less power.
Choosing fibre optics over copper wherever possible is a great way to futureproof your property. The next-generation of super high definition TVs (4k and beyond) will be fairly common within the next five years – a technology that may push current AV distribution cables beyond than their capacities.
The good news is, we can carry out cost-effective fibre pre-wiring. It involves pre-wiring properties the very latest super-fast fibre optic cables – and will help make sure you’re compatible with next-gen and future technologies.

The tech and specs of fibre.
How do fibre optics work? Pulses of light are carried through a strand of transparent material that enables signals to move faster and further than ever before.
In recent years, optics have become commercially viable for the AV industry, satisfying the need for more bandwidth over long and short distances. It’s also especially well suited to the high-speed transport of HDTV, 3D and 4K (Ultra HD) data.

Many experts agree that there’s no better way to futureproof your home.

The Satellite Channel Router (SCR) System
With SCR, you can upgrade to Sky Plus and record programmes without having to run a second cable to your Sky box. It’s quick to do and very cost effective. Best of all, you won’t need additional dishes within a multi-communal property.

PAS can upgrade your current communal TV system to allow your tenants to keep up to date with the latest Sky Technology Sky Q. Sky Q is the latest wireless innovation from Sky allowing independent viewing all over the home, pause in one room and continue watching in another, as well as turning the Sky Q boxes into wireless hotspots.

PAS offer flexible maintenance and service levels for all of our installations as well as for your existing systems. PAS can maintain TV distribution systems, AV Systems, CCTV in any setting.
Every new installation is covered for the first 12 months. There are no hidden charges or extras, also included is one preventative maintenance visit usually after 6 months of the final commissioning to ensure your system and all of its components are operating correctly.

Our aftercare service will ensure you have complete peace of mind knowing that any system faults will be dealt with urgently ensuring little down time.

For existing systems, we offer a bespoke maintenance services. All packages include 2 annual preventative maintenance visits. With regard to response times and emergency breakdowns you tell what you would like included and we’ll include it!

If you have any systems you would like to maintain, you have previously been let down by your current contractor or you have a contract due for renewal give us a call to discuss the options available to you.

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