As TV, aerial, and satellite installation and repair specialists, a large portion of our work is for our residential customers. But we’re also fully accredited commercial installers and maintenance providers for communal properties and shared apartment buildings. So what does that mean for you if you’re a landlord or property management agent?

A fully digital landscape

With the tech available today, it means no one in any private home or multi-occupancy building has to rely on the famous four analogue TV channels. In 2012, the analogue TV signal was finally switched off and the country launched itself into a fully digital landscape.

Now, there’s a real choice for how people want to receive their TV and radio. From the latest Sky Q system to Freeview, Freesat, and any digital TV and radio in between – the choice has never been greater. And if you are a landlord or property management agent with tenants who occupy single rooms, a whole house, or multiple apartments, supplying a direct signal to each of them means no one misses out.

Communal installation specialists

Multiple occupancy properties used to mean multiple dishes and aerials. Nowadays, everything’s more streamlined and advanced communal systems or master antennas can be used to give a whole range of digital TV and radio channels to everyone, whether it’s a high rise apartment block, flats, or student accommodation to hotels, B&Bs, and guest houses.

Our specialist commercial installation services are suitable for all communal systems, with the planning, designing, and building of full entertainment packages of any size and complexity. And by using fibre optics IRS systems for all custom satellite TV installations, you’ll get the optimum viewing picture for every resident.

Though we can work directly with property owners for communal installations, we also work closely with builders, developers, and architects during any building development or renovation projects. This way, our team can liaise directly with site or building managers to make sure of the most effective installation and cabling solution for a communal TV and radio system that works for everyone.

Approved installers

As well as installations, we offer flexible maintenance and service contracts for all new systems, as well as for any of your existing systems. So, while every system is designed to fit seamlessly with your specifications, we can maintain, service, and repair them too. Making sure everything’s working effectively to deliver fantastic reception throughout the whole building 24/7.

Now, multiple dishes on your roof and exterior walls can be a thing of the past. With nearly 20 years’ of professional and practical experience, you’re guaranteed a first-class service every time.

And, as independent installers, we’re fully insured and trained in specialist heights as well as being approved installers by the RDI (Registered Digital Installer) and CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries), together with the government-endorsed quality scheme, Trustmark. Trust us, you’re in safe hands.

If you’re a landlord or property management agent, get in touch today to find out more, arrange a site survey, and discover how we can provide expert communal systems in your property. For more detailed information, also visit our page on communal systems and maintenance services.