Freesat is a digital satellite TV service set up by the BBC and ITV, and launched in May 2008. It’s essentially the satellite version of Freeview


With a magnificent selection of over 150 TV channels to choose from, including the glorious picture clarity presented with the free to air Freesat HD channels, there really is something for everyone when you consider Freesat.

Like Freeview, Freesat has no monthly subscription costs. However, it does have two advantages over its terrestrial cousin. Firstly, it’s available to 98% of the population, compared with 75% for Freeview. Secondly, it has over three times as many channels as Freeview, including more high definition and catch-up channels.

A key feature of the Freesat platform the in-built state of the art programming guide which enables you to plan your viewing diary for many days or even weeks in advance, ensuring you will never miss that favourite episode or programme ever again!

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Freesat Installation

The PAS installation team are on hand to get you up and running quickly whether you need a completely new installation or connection to your present Sky satellite dish. We are available to visit you at a time which is convenient to you and can usually visit you on the same day.

If you’re moving from Sky, Freesat is perfect, as the dish and cabling are already set up. You’ll just need to buy a Freesat box, plug it in and go.

Freesat Freetime
In 2013, Freesat launched Freetime. With Freesat Freetime, you can scroll back over the last seven days of TV shows on 21 different channels, just as you would with Freeview’s YouView service. You can also access on-demand services including BBC iPlayer, ITV player and 4oD.

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Satellite Installation Services

Weatherproof Installations
The sea air may be fantastic for our health, but it proves troublesome for satellite dishes. With continued exposure to sea air, satellite dishes are prone to rust. That’s why many property owners are choosing to invest in a fibreglass alternative.

A fibreglass dish is weather resistant and rustproof, and a high quality installation lasts significantly longer than the regular untreated mild steel mini dish.

We supply fibreglass dishes that measure 60-65cm in diameter, available in off-white or charcoal grey to blend with its surroundings. Each one comes with an aluminium arm and galvanised steel backplate that’s fully sealed to resist wind and moisture at challenging levels.