Freeview is the only free-to-air digital terrestrial service in the UK. Launched in 2002, you can enjoy a selection of 50 digital TV channels free, without having to pay any subscription or contract fees.


Freeview is the system that delivers a range of digital services though an aerial and a set-top box, however unlike other digital services, it’s free to air.

The great thing about Freeview is that it’s easy to set up. Most new flatscreen TVs come with Freeview built in, or you can also opt for a Freeview recorder – great for if you want to pause, record and rewind your favourite programmes. If you’ve got an older-style TV, you just need to pay a one-off cost for a Freeview box.

To get started, we’ll come and carry out a signal and coverage test. Once we know the strength of the signal, we can talk through the best options for you.

All our installations are guaranteed for 12 months.

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Great Choice, No Monthly Fee

PAS are authorised to supply and install any type of digital Freeview TV aerials and set top boxes. Our installers will conduct some very quick checks before recommending the most suitable aerial installation to match your individual requirements and budget. We canhave you up and running in a couple of hours.
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