It’s been a tough time for everyone over the last 12 months and we’re all looking forward to coming out of our final lockdown (fingers crossed). And what better way than to spend the sunny summer weekends and balmy evenings with a garden party or get together with the friends and family you’ve missed over the last year? With the weather getting warmer, now’s the time to get excited about turning your garden into this summer’s ultimate entertaining space.

A little night music
After a wet, windy, and cold winter, getting your outdoor space summer-ready might take a bit of doing. But once you’ve cleaned the patio or decking, dusted down the outdoor furniture, tidied up the lawn, tackled the BBQ, and strung some essential, atmospheric lighting, it’s time for the really fun bit.

Music is the ideal way to inject some life into your alfresco entertaining and, working seamlessly with your home wifi, an outdoor audio system can make all the difference. Whether it’s light background music or some classic tunes to really get the party started, you get to choose your summer playlist and keep you and your guests entertained all day and into the night.

Outstanding outdoor performance
Some of the best outdoor audio systems come from Sonance, who are leaders in premium outdoor sound. Their audio systems are designed, made, and built to work perfectly to deliver exceptional surround sound in every area of your garden or outdoor space, whatever the size. But how does an outdoor audio system work exactly? 

Both the Patio and Garden audio systems from Sonance are totally weather-proof and visually unobtrusive, blending effortlessly into their surroundings. Discreetly positioned around your garden, the main components are one or more in-ground subwoofer speakers together with a set of directional, satellite speakers.

Hidden away among your beds, borders, rockeries, or foliage, they’re then wired to the 2-channel amplifier to give you exceptional surround sound. But the systems are also expandable, so you can add to the number of subwoofers and speakers to give full, even coverage of up to 3,500 sq. ft – that’s a garden up to 60ft wide and 60ft long.

Your outdoor Wi-Fi
And to make your summer life even easier, the complete Sonance audio system connects through your home wifi. So whether you’re using Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming service, you can play DJ with a few taps on your smartphone. But does your wifi reach that far without dropping out?

It’s a common problem: strong wifi indoors which all but disappears as soon as you reach your garden. If that happens to you, outdoor wireless wifi is just as discreet and weather-proof as your Sonance speakers and will give you extended coverage of up to 600 ft. so you can stream your music uninterrupted.

Relax and let PAS get you sorted
Whatever your choice of outdoor audio system, the PAS team is here to help you. We can give you the advice you need and answer your questions before we recommend the right audio system and wifi set up for your garden. And, after a quick site survey, we can help you with our full installation service too. 

So, get ready to put the Pimms on ice and let PAS help you enjoy your summer playlist in surround-sound style. Contact us and send us a message or call us on 01752 296781 today and we’ll give you a free quote and get you up and running in no time.