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Crystal clear viewing in the rooms where you want it!

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables have revolutionised our entertainment experience by increasing the number of devices that can be linked to our TV’s.

The clutter of cables behind our TV’s are no more but, even HDMI cables have limits, for an HDMI cable it’s the length! Many factors affect an HDMI signal’s maximum length, including the distance you are spanning and differences in device output, interference, and technical requirements. Once a signal’s maximum length is reached, the quality of the signal begins to suffer or is lost completely.

An HDMI extender can not only solve the problem caused by signal limitations it will deliver high-definition viewing in and around your home You can watch any HDMI entertainment device, Sky Q, Virgin, Blue ray or BT Vision without requiring a second box AND in high definition!

HDMI Matrix Systems

A multi-room HDMI matrix system can bring harmony to the connected home, with all your home entertainment devices accessible to every room in the house from one source.

A fully integrated HDMI matrix system is smart home innovation at its best. With no need for multiple set-top boxes or loose cabling in every room for every TV, a matrix system gives you powerful, yet hidden functionality for the whole house from one place.

One Sky HD box connected to your matrix system means you can watch any Sky channel on as many TVs as you like. Its flexibility means the same for your Freeview, Freesat, Apple TV, Chromecast, Virgin TiVo, and Amazon Fire – or any other HDMI enabled device.

By connecting up to eight HDMI TVs or individual devices into one matrix system, you could stream the latest Netflix drama from Apple TV, let live Premier League football get centre stage from Sky HD, or take in The Grand Tour via Amazon Fire all at the same time. Multiple channels. Multiple rooms. Multiple choices. All with control in the palm of your hand from your smartphone app.

PAS Audio Visual can design, install, and fully connect your entire home Matrix system to give you unrestricted viewing options in every room.

Fall in love with home entertainment all over again with an HDMI matrix system.

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