We live in a world where our devices are automatically connected to the internet and synced with other systems and equipment, all brought together by the ‘Internet of Things’. But what is the Internet of Things and how can Plymouth Aerials help you to make sense of it and protect your family online?

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the description of a network of physical items (things) that connect with other ‘things’ wirelessly, transferring data and information over the internet without human involvement. The ‘things’ can be anything from your smart home appliances, wearable health watches, and home security systems, as well as your smart speaker, phone, or tablet.

Seamlessly allowing us to connect over 7bn of our everyday devices and systems to each other, the IoT is straightforward in theory. But in reality, it can still cause confusion and frustration. 

Network connectivity between smart home devices and systems can be notoriously troublesome, usually for no apparent reason. But we’re able to help you make sense of it all and get you successfully connected to whatever devices you’re using. Get in touch with us today if you need help getting your things to talk to each other.

But in getting your smart home connected, one area which can cause concern is online safety and privacy, particularly for children. Managing your kids’ internet access is becoming more and more important these days. And with plenty of toys and learning devices being interactive or smart, most of them are set to get online quickly and easily. 

Managing your kids’ internet access

So how can you protect and manage your kids’ internet access? The first thing to look at is the device’s security standards and whether the manufacturer is reputable and well known. You should also check if any security settings (such as passwords) on the product can be changed or updated. If they can’t, then it’s probably best to avoid.

On top of that, you can adjust your home WiFi network access points to limit or deny internet access to your kid’s devices to protect them from certain online content – that’s where we can help you. 

By going into your router’s controller (either at the installation stage or retrospectively) we can add specific settings and configure a range of content filtering and WiFi timings to allow you to control when your kids can be online, and what content or sites they can access. 

Of course, this will only affect the devices used by your kids and the wireless access points around your home they use to connect – other devices and IoT systems will remain unaffected. But your WiFi signal will always remain strong and reliable.

Online security first with Plymouth Aerials

Online security and privacy is a top priority and is something that can provide a great deal of reassurance for parents. Whether you’re looking for a full home network installation with parental controls, just need some guidance, or would like us to get your filters and timings set up for you, call us on 01752 296 781 today.

Alternatively, email us at info@plymouthaerials.com or send a message through our contact page and we’ll arrange a convenient time to get you all set up and secure.