While CCTV has been used in city centre shops, roads, and spaces for decades, it’s more popular than ever with security-conscious homeowners. CCTV can be one of the safest investments you’ll make, giving you 24/7 security, but what should you look for in your home CCTV?

CCTV home security

We all want to protect our homes and businesses from break-ins and theft, so installing a CCTV system is a great place to start. Acting as a serious deterrent to potential intruders, getting the right kit is essential. 

Whatever you’re considering could come down to how much equipment you need and the size of your home, but a wireless smart security system will often give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. As one of the most popular CCTV systems, a wireless smart security system includes all the tech to cover the needs of most homeowners.

Wireless CCTV systems

Including a single or multiple cameras which you can position at points around your property, this type of installation can give you full HD 1080p resolution for crystal clear images during the day as well as night vision. But depending on your budget and what you need, you can have an installation that features up to 8K resolution. Coming with a wide viewing angle, sometimes up to 180º, they’re triggered by motion and even heat detection, and can include spotlights to light up any dark corners. 

And, while mains powered, wireless systems work with your WiFi to give you the option of live streaming direct to your home computer, smartphone, or tablet. These intelligent systems can also give you full control via a smartphone app for 24/7 remote monitoring whenever you’re away from home. You can even be notified when activity is detected and store footage and images direct to your computer or device.

A wired CCTV system will work in almost exactly the same way but will rely on a wired installation to your WiFi router. Having this ‘hard’ installation can make a wired system more reliable if your WiFi signal is patchy or prone to drop out. But a wired system can be a more sensible choice if you need CCTV for any business premises.

CCTV is just one way to increase your home security, and there are plenty of alternative security options available if you think you don’t need quite so much kit. But any CCTV system can work alongside other security systems for even greater protection, including burglar alarms, discreet indoor cameras, motion-detector security lights, or doorbell cameras.

Get CCTV secure with PAS

Whatever you decide – or even if you’re not sure what you really want or need for your home – Plymouth Aerial Solutions can help you. We have the experience in a wide range of security and CCTV systems and installations to give you the help and advice you need to find the right system that works for you.

All our CCTV installations start with a full home site survey to understand the size and layout of your home. We’ll then make recommendations and design a custom system that suits your needs. And with our full installation and training service, we can get you up and running with your CCTV system in no time.

For more information on your CCTV needs or to find out what your options are, and to arrange a visit to your home or business for a comprehensive site survey, call us on 01752 296 781 or contact us us today.