This handy table shows how much data some standard online activities use, helpful to know if you’re looking around for deals.

Bear in mind that the figures are only rough estimates – your actual usage is likely be around these amounts, but could be more or less depending on a number of factors.


Data consumption
One hour of web browsing 10 – 25MB
Download a document 2MB
One hour of Facebook 20MB
Download a music track 4MB
Stream 30 minutes of YouTube 175MB
Download a non-HD film 700MB – 1GB
Download an HD film 4GB
Stream one hour of non-HD video 250MB – 500MB
Stream one hour of HD video 2GB
Stream one hour of music or radio


(Information taken from a number of providers, including BTVirgin Media, and Vodafone)

*Information taken from broadbandchoices